Israel and Pakistan Friendship Group was founded and initiated by Malik Shahrukh, who is a Pakistani based in Europe. The purpose of the group is to bring people of both countries closer, to eradicate the hate and misunderstanding about each other. The Group campaigns for diplomatic relations and

The group campaigns for the recognition of State of Israel as an independent and sovereign nation on earth, Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, diplomatic relationship between Pakistan and Israel, and mutual cooperation between both nations in the fields of education, and business.

The group helps people of both nations to interact with each other to engage themselves in a helpful discussion on several important topics which includes politics, society, and mutual cooperation in the many fields. Group explores the possibilities of mutual collaborations to achieve peace in the Middle East and Asia.

Message from The Founder

Malik Shahrukh
Malik Shahrukh

I believe we all same, we love to be loved, that’s the first reason I took this step to campaign for respect and recognition of State of Israel, in the hearts and minds of Pakistanis. For at least twenty years I was told every now and then “Israel is not good, criminal state, and Jews can’t be friends with us” but one friend from Israel changed my perception about the people of Israel. I think we should just forget the unpleasant things of past, and look forward to better future to make our planet a better place to live. Diplomatic relations between Israel and Pakistan will bring balance in the region, new strategies can drop off the political unrest in the Middle East. I would like you to join us, it’s a great cause.